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- simple operation
- high efficiency up to 107,2%
- quiet running
- wide range of power modulation
- ready for external temperature sensor
- stainless steel hot water storage tank (ViaKON 24 B)
- easy mounting, assembly and service
- two independent thermal zones control
- frost protection
- modulating thermostat compatible
- easy fuel conversion from natural gas to propane

ViaKON represents range of condensing wall-hung boilers equipped with special premix burner. This burner guarantees very low emission value while keeping wide range of power modulation. Ultra-slim heat exchanger is made of silumin alloy for optimal heat transfer from burner to heating system. There are three types in ViaKON boiler range: ViaKON 24 for heating only (external hot water storage tank can  be used), ViaKON 24 P with hot water flow heater and ViaKON 24 B with built-in stainless steel hot water storage tank of 60 litres capacity. Microprocessor control unit allows to connect both standard room thermostat and modulating regulator. Separated turning knobs for setting hot water and heating system temperatures are ideal for simple operation even for older people.


  • natural gas natural gas
  • propane propane
4,0 – 24,1 kW
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Manual 1,193 Kb

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